Coming in to Hospital

Prior to your surgery you may have to attend an appointment at the hospital with the pre-operative care nurses to assess your fitness for surgery. This may involve a general health check, blood tests, ECG and chest x-ray. This may not always be the case; it will depend on your age and health.

You will be sent details directly from the admitting hospital regarding your forthcoming procedure. This will confirm your admission date and time, eating instructions prior to your operation, what to bring with you for your stay in hospital, and any other relevant details.

If your procedure is on a morning theatre list you will be asked to come in to the hospital at approximately 7.30am;  you will not be allowed anything to eat after midnight the night before. If your procedure is in the afternoon you will be asked to come in at approximately 11.30am;  prior to surgery you may have a light breakfast before 08.00am on the morning of your procedure. On admission, the hospital staff will run through any relevant paperwork, and the Consultant and Anaesthetist will also come and see you.

As part of your care, your consultant may prescribe medication for you to take home when you are discharged from hospital. In general, take home medication charges are not covered by your insurers. Please check your policy regarding this.